On-Going Call for Blog posts and Blogging URLs


The Meeting of the Minds online journal designed to be an open access, iconoclastic, online journal and blogging arena that promotes provocative and experimental research across all disciplines. Designed to push the boundaries of academic research and peer review, it is keen to embrace new avenues of discourse. Meeting of the Minds seeks to advance and extend the reach of academic research and study by providing an opportunity for scholars to develop their research in an alternative and innovative manner.


The Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal is announcing an on-going call for submissions of blog articles which contain and promote academic topics and discussion.  The content of these submissions may be formal or informal, and do not need to include traditional citation styles. Only submissions from University of Lethbridge students, faculty and staff, or alumni will be considered.

The Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal is also compiling a list of blogs run by members of the University of Lethbridge community for possible publication in the future. If you aren’t comfortable submitting a single post, but run a blog with applicable content, please consider making us aware of it.

Any area of intellectual investigation will be considered, but only blog URLs and articles that host textual non-fiction will be accepted.

Submission Guidelines for Authors

The Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal desires to push the boundaries of academic dissemination and will consider blog posts and URLs which advance important debates and topics of on any topic of scholarly debate. Contributions will be peer evaluated for content and then hosted on the Journal’s servers in perpetuity. URLs submitted to the journal should be to blogs which consistently engage academic themes; contributions of blog articles should seek to develop scholarly themes in a conversational manner.

The Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal intends to bring about a paradigm shift in academic research publication by offering space for developing thought and embryonic research. Blog articles should be restricted to 2000 words and contain links, hyperlinks, and/or textual support.

Blog articles may be submitted in any word processing format and should be sent to: nr.parsons@uleth.ca; URL contributions should include a small ‘about’ paragraph and contain a hyperlink to the blog. Submissions are only accepted electronically.

Contact Email:  


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