Winter Issue
This issue was edited by Paul Esau, Carey Viejou, Sylvia Chow, Steve Firth, Reed Parsons, Jarret McKinnon, Vanja Spiric, Courtney Rieger, Elaine Toth, and Kim Dohms.
Faculty Advisors: Dan O’Donnell and Rumi Graham
Table of Contents

Geoffrey Chappell
Identity and the Past

Brendan Cummins
Sole and Exclusive: Power, Control, and Violence in the Utah Territory, 1847-1857

Paul Esau
Selling Out to the Saudis: A Historical Analysis of Stephane Dion’s Apology for Canadian Military Export Controls

Steve Firth
Research Ethics Insurrection: Challenges to REB Criteria from the Social Sciences

Ashley Henrickson
The Role of Male Friends in Early Modern Romantic Relationships

Scott Joziasse
Advocating physical activity for the enhancement of cancer prevention and treatment

Courtney Rieger
A Review of the Capacity for OpenStreetMap Software in Humanitarian Disaster Response: A Case Study Investigating the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Response to the 2015 Nepalese Earthquake